STRONGER! BWS.2 Training Program / Lachlan Walker

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Lachlan's official training program for STRONGER! Bodyweight Workout Series 2 including all allocated exercises, sets, reps and recovery. The program is 12 weeks broken into three four week blocks. It was designed by elite gymnast Nile Wilson and Lachlan with a focus on working towards the Azarian, Full Planche, V-sit and Middle Splits.

How does it differ to Tyson's program? Lachlan's program is as equally demanding as Tyson's program but will include some more difficult/gymnastics specific variations and different exercises. For example, Lachlan's program will include specific work for the Azarian and V-sit.

Included as a packaged ZIP file, the complete program is split into 4 individual PDF files  (week 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12). Each PDF features hyperlinked navigation from the Week Overview pages so you can spend less time scrolling through pages and more time training hard.