STRONGER! BWS.2 Training Program / Tyson Edwards

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Tyson's official training program for STRONGER! Bodyweight Workout Series 2 including all allocated exercises, sets, reps and recovery. The program is 12 weeks broken into three four week blocks. It was designed by elite gymnast Nile Wilson and Tyson with a focus on working towards the Full Planche, One-Arm Pull-Up, Impossible Dip and the Middle Splits.

How does it differ to Lachlan's program? Tyson's program is as equally demanding as Lachlan's program but will include some different exercises and at times, easier variations. For example, Tyson's program will include specific work for the one-arm pull-up and impossible dip as well as unique exercises for the middle split.

Included as a packaged ZIP file, the complete program is split into 4 individual PDF files  (week 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12). Each PDF features hyperlinked navigation from the Week Overview pages so you can spend less time scrolling through pages and more time training hard.